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Pilates by Rya


I help clients empower themselves through the mindful movement practices of Pilates and yoga, both online and in-person.

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240 Clients Trained

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1600 Classes Taught

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12 Years of Experience

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Why Pilates?

The Pilates System Solves Many Problems!

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Improve Yourself

Pilates helps to improve poor posture and teaches you to move from your centre, so you can safely do the things you love. 

For athletes, it helps balance out overtrained muscles and increase movement awareness. 

For momas, Pilates helps to retrain your core postpartum, reducing imbalances associated such as back pain, incontinence, prolapse and nonfunctional Diastasis Recti Abdominis.

As you age, Pilates helps you maintain agility, balance, strength, flexibility and coordination of the body. It helps with mental imbalances, such as stress, fatigue and anxiety.


Walk away from your Pilates workout feeling energized, confident and empowered!

About Rya

Inspired by the healing power of movement and nutrition, I have worked in the field of health education for over 25 years.

As a mother of 2, I am forever grateful for the Pilates system which has assisted me in regaining my physical strength and agility postpartum, so I can move with ease and grace with my children, in my yoga practice, athletic endeavours and throughout the rest of my daily activities. 

Pilates by Rya

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Your free checklist to setting up your at home Pilates studio. 

Based on my experience working online with clients of all different levels and demographpics, I have come up with a customizable checklist to transform your home workout space into a sanctuary. Sign up for my newsletter to get the tips!

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“I have been working with Rya over the past year and she has been fantastic! I have noticed such a change to my strength base and my postural awareness."

"She has so many great cues which has helped me to get the most out of our sessions and connect with my body. During this time I found out I was pregnant and Rya quickly adapted all of our exercises to be suitable for my changing body. She has also been providing me with postpartum exercises now so I have some guidance on where to start in the coming weeks. Thank you Rya!”

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