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Meet Rya Letham

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Pilates by Rya - Stretch

About Rya
BHKin, BEd, Certified by The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, RYT 500, E-RYT 200

Inspired by the healing power of movement and nutrition, I have worked in the field of health education for over 25 years. As a mother of 2, I am forever grateful for the Pilates system which has assisted me in regaining my physical strength and agility postpartum, so I can move with ease and grace with my children, in my yoga practice, athletic endeavours and throughout the rest of my daily activities. 

Upon completion of my Classical Pilates Apprenticeship at Whistler Pilates, I opened up a beautiful studio in Pemberton, Pilates Integrated. In response to the changing needs of myself, my clients and the world, I have recently evolved my business to be entirely online. I facilitate online Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition Playshops. I encourage students to empower themselves through both guided and self-practice at home workouts. 

I am motivated by the nature of infinity, infinite nature, one’s true nature and being in nature 

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